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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is intentionally not written in legalese as it serves to provide Information according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 .

This Website is meant to be an online business card and can be used without transmission of personal data.


If you contact me with the contact form on this website, per e-mail, telephone or otherwise, the data you communicate can be used solely to reply to your request, to perform translation orders and/or for bookkeeping and invoicing purposes.


Any data collected for the purpose of order processing as well as job material, glossaries, translation memories, additional information etc. will be stored on a PC with password protection, updated firewall, virus and malware protection as well as on an encrypted external hard drive. This serves the possibility of referring back to old translation material in case of follow-up orders. This way, consistency in translation can be guaranteed as a service.

No third party will at any time have access to your data or to any order material.


On demand, customer data as well as above-mentioned order material can be deleted permanently from the system, unless this would infringe any retention obligations.


Any electronic communication occurs via the host of this website, 1&1, as well as T-Online, both using SSL encryption.


The host of this Website is 1&1, whose privacy statement can be accessed here.

1&1 offers web analytics and states the following:


In 1&1 Webanalytics data are only collected for the purpose of statistical analysis as well as technical optimisation of the web offer.


We have compiled a list of all data we collect:

  • Referrer (webseite visited before)

  • Website or file requested

  • Browser type and version

  • Operating system used

  • Type of device used

  • Time of access

  • IP address in anonymised form (only used to find the place of access)



Responsible for this website in terms of data protection:


Lingua Lagoutte


VAT ID: DE274936395


Dr. Ines Radionovas-Lagoutte

Am Stadtgraben 40

79539 Lörrach



Telephone: +49 (0)176-59051102

E-mail: ines@lingua-lagoutte.de




Terms and Conditions

Please see AGB (an English translation for information only will be available shortly).


German law applies.


Dr. Ines Radionovas-Lagoutte





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